«Caroline, Just wanted to say a big thankyou to Charles and yourself for the training over the last 3 days. It was excellent and very much appreciated and well received by all. We are all much more knowledgeable  than we were on Friday. Hopefully we can use your services again In future!»

Ailsa Scott MBA MIET MInstLM/Engineering Manager/SPX Flow ClydeUnion Pumps

I have a few missed messages on my phone from your account dept regarding invoicing, if there are any questions please contact our financial dept through Rihen Nieto.

«Thank you Charles ! you answered to our question! Finally we had made the right choice of equipment and above all it was purchased in the right place.

Thank you and have a good holiday!

Patrick Meunier, Meunier Électrique, Farnham, Quebec

«Dorothy; I will be placing a business case in for this equipment. Jason did an excellent job of demonstrating the machine and answering our questions. He represents your company well and made me feel confident that we would not regret this purchase. Thanks again for your service. Kary.» 

«Dorothy; I was away last week when René & Charles were here on site at Lennox GS for the training with the FIXTURLASER alignment equipment. But, I have only heard good comments and feedback about the trainers and the equipment. They were experts with the equipment and with relating information to our people. I hope René and Charles had a similar experience. Thanks so much for making this possible and pass along my thanks to René and Charles. Well done. We are happy to be your customers. Sincerely, Kary.»

 Kary Long, Ontario Power Generation, Lennox G.S., Mechanical Maintenance, Bath, Ontario    K0H-1G0

«Dorothy, Rene,

 We enjoyed having Rene with us for the afternoon. He taught us a great deal, certainly refreshed our memories and, most importantly, got rid of a few old habits which we all creep into with time.

 We much appreciate the effort and expense in having Rene present and so look forward to continuing a relationship with Fixturlaser Canada.

 Thanks and best wishes.»

Eric Gibbons, M.Comm, Manager, Surrey, Chamco Industries Ltd., Langley, BC 

«Dorothy, after every training session, the feedback we received from the attendants was positive; and it was one of the most appreciated training they’ve assisted. The trainers were competent and dynamic, the day passed very quickly and they were never bored. The participants were of different levels of experience in the class and they all agreed unanimously about the training. I myself participated in the training with Nathalie whom has mastered how to simplify alignment theory and the functionality of the tools. She knows how to simulate different situations and make everybody interact with each other.»

Serge Millette, Predictive Technician Canadian Malartic GP, Malartic, QC

«Good morning Nathalie,

Thank you very much for the training you put on over the past week, I have heard nothing but good things about the training and the FixturLaser© equipment.  Most of the guys attending this training were confirmed Prűftechnik© users, but you have done a good job in converting them to believers in the FixturLaser© system. 

I look forward to seeing you again in our neighbourhood sometime.  Give my regards to Nereo.»

 Tony  Côté, Maintenance Shop Supervisor, Legacy Site, K+S Potash Canada GP, Bethune, SK.

Hello Nereo,

Just a note to thank you for sending me so quickly the parts I asked you by the end of last week, I received them this morning. WOW great service, my unit is complete and fully operational thanks to you.
Thank you again for responding so quickly to your customers.

Dany Paquet, tool deposit, Alcoa Deschambault, QC.

Hi Jason,

Earlier this year we purchased your One Prod Hawk Balancer machine and so far we are quite pleased with the results. The very first time we ever used it, “while training on the machine", we realized it’s potential by identifying a dry bearing on a blower we were testing, this bearing wasn’t making any noise and it would have failed had it not been for the Hawk picking it up.

We’ve had bearing failures on this machine before and the cascading effect makes it very costly so in essence the machine paid for itself almost immediately. Since then we’ve used it several times with similar success, additionally, after Steve and I attended your training in Quebec we came back and balanced an identical blower to the one described above and had great results.

Having said all this, I want to personally thank you for your hospitality while we were at your facility, we are very grateful for the excellent training we received and hope to see you again soon.

John Boudreau, OxyVinyls Canada, Niagara Falls, ON.