Bearing Defender

Packing in ONEPROD’s 30+ years of experience in the monitoring of rotating machinery, the patented wireless Bearing Defender gives instantaneous advice on a bearing health. Accessible to all mechanics, it provides a quick leverage of improvement of a reliability program.

  • Patented Wireless vibration measurement (US 9,921,136)
  • Good for bearing fault detection with up to 15kHz bandwidth at +/- 3dB
  • Good for most industrial machine with +/-80g dynamics
  • Allows for the wireless measurement of inaccessible machines (enclosed room, behind doors…)
  • Rechargeable battery good for 8h of measurement activity


The Bearing Defender is compatible with smartphones and tablets on iOS or Android. Using a standard and user friendly display device, it is now possible to integrate vibration measurements in your maintenance 4.0 program and take the best out of your people in the field.