Vibration Training Workshop, Category II

Basic Machinery Vibrations - Category II

PUBLIC SESSION DATE:  To be confirmed
    LOCATION:  To be confirmed
    TRAINER: Charles Gagné
    CONTACT: Caroline Rose @ 855.740.1906



DURATION  5-Day Course

Candidates who are already certified Category I and have 38 training hours are required to have a minimum of 12 months experience.
Others applying for Category II must have a minimum of 18 months of experience.

Training will include the machinery vibration analysis on industrial machinery using single-channel measurements, with or without triggers signals, according to established and recognized procedures. It covers basics of sensors, database and data collector setup, data collection, signal processing, fault analysis, and basics of single plane balancing. It is partial preparation for the Vibration Analyst Category II Certification Exam. The workshops and demonstrations, scheduled throughout the training course, are used to illustrate theory and applications.

AUDIENCE       : Maintenance teams, foreman, planner, trainers or beginners in the field of predictive maintenance.

OBJECTIVES     : This course helps prepare attendees to perform basic machinery vibration analysis on industrial machinery using single-channel measurements, with or without trigger signals, according to establish and recognized procedures. It is recommended for individuals as an introduction to machinery vibrations and as as partial preparation for the ISO 18436-2:2014 Vibration Analyst Category II Certification Exam.

Module 1    Basic Machinery Vibrations I
Module 2    Basic Machinery Vibrations II
Module 3    Workshop I: Machinery Vibrations
Module 4    Workshop II: Basic Vibrations
Module 5    Basic Data Collector - Setup I
Module 6    Transducers
Module 7    Workshop III: Data Aquisition
Module 8    Basic Data Collector Setup II
Module 9    Basic Data Techniques
Module 10  Workshop IV: Data Processing
Module 11  Gear and Bearing Analysis
Module 12   Motor, Fans and Pumps
Module 13  Workshop V: Fault Analysis
Module 14   Evaluation of Machine Condition
Module 15   Workshop VI: Condition Evaluation
Module 16  Machine Testing
Module 17  Periodic Monitoring
Module 18  Balancing
Module 19  Workshop VII: Machine Analysis

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