Simple, wireless, laser shaft alignment meets your smartphone and tablet.
The AT-50 brings a whole new economy and ease of use to laser shaft alignment! This is made possible by replacing the display unit with a free AT-50 alignment app that runs on the user’s iOS or Android device and communicates live with the laser sensors via Bluetooth. The live display means that you will get instant feedback when shimming or moving the machines. This eliminates the guesswork and the back and forth of measuring, aligning, and re-measuring. All this at a super affordable price, delivering a quick payback.
  • Works with the free AT-50 app for iOS and Android
  • App communicates with the laser sensors via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Live position values displayed on-screen
  • Dual line laser transmitter/detectors
  • Brackets and chains accommodate shafts up to 6 inches diameter
  • 12 month warranty

Shaft Alignment
Horizontal Machines

With the AT-50 you can perform the famous Verti-Zontal Compound Move – meaning you only have to measure once before making the required vertical and horizontal adjustments, saving you countless frustrating hours.
Memory Manager
What’s Included
  • Free Laser Kit app for AT-50 for iOS and Android devices
  • Moveable machine transmitter/detector with 10 mm PSD sensor
  • Stationary machine transmitter/detector with 10 mm PSD sensor
  • Mounting brackets (2) with 19" & chains extender hooks
  • Rod tool
  • Tape measure
  • Carrying case
  • Quick Start Manual – AT-50
  • 12 month warranty
Chain with screw end
19" Chain w/Screw End
Nut for chain screw
Nut for Chain Screw
Measuring tape
Measuring Tape
Bracket dolly for chain
Bracket (dolly for chain)


Fixturlaser AT-50 presentation
Fixturlaser AT-50 presentation