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Horizontal Shaft Alignment
Vertical Shaft Alignment

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Vertical Shaft Alignment screenshot
AT-200 Display with the sensor
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ACOEM takes alignment into the Industry 4.0 era of doing things?. The AT-200 is a smart app-based alignment tool with the patented graphical user interface, GuideU, that lends the tool an industry-leading ease-of-use. Connectivity, mobile devices, cloud-based platform, apps are integrated in the AT-200 making it a tool for short response time between machine failures and corrective actions. The smart sensors use CCD technology for a superior measurement performance and precision alignment.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • True Live – You always know your machine’s position.
  • VertiZontal Move, Measure once, Move in two directions.
  • Color coded results
  • Built-in, customizable PDF reporting
  • Improved 3D animations with video game quality graphics
  • MEMS gyroscope built-in to both laser head sensors
  • Large 30 millimeter 2nd generation scientific grade CCD laser head sensors
  • Wireless Bluetooth® II built-in to small form factor sensors
  • Lifetime warranty

Shaft Alignment
Shaft Alignment
No doubts, no guessing games, thanks to the industry-first use of technologies of two smart sensors with visible laser beams and inclinometers monitoring both shaft positions simultaneously. Did you interrupt the laser beam? Or move the machine’s position out of detector range? Not a problem, our smart sensors will resume with an updated machine position and always deliver live values to you.
Soft Check
Softcheck™ checks if there is a soft foot condition, i.e. when the motor is not resting firmly on all its feet.
Target Values
Allows the system to compensate for pre-determined alignment targets. The user can establish targets using this function and then go directly to shaft alignment.
VertiZontal™ Moves
Measure once, move in two directions The VertiZontal™ Moves feature displays exactly how much a misaligned machine needs to be adjusted, by adding or removing shims to the machine’s feet.
This program allows the user to test alternate solutions in situations where the movable machine is base bound or bolt bound.
PDF Report
Allows easy creation of reports which can include text and alignment results files. Reports are stored in the device and can be downloaded to a computer or sent via email for delivery. The logo and field names are customizable.

  • Magnetic base ON/OFF (1)
  • Extension fixture 49mm (1)
  • Acoem M7 (1)
  • Acoem S7 (1)
  • Case RT, AT (1)
  • Plastic box white (1)
  • Rod kit NXA (1)
  • Chain 8 mm 60 links (L=970 mm) (2)
  • Tape measure 5 m with label (1)
  • V-bracket complete (2)
  • Angled universal tool (2)
  • Ext power cable EUR 2m (1)
  • Ext power cable US 2m (1)
  • USB-cable A-mini B 2m (2)
  • Magnet Nd 25x12 M8 Zn (1)
  • Label Caution Li-Ion Batteries (1)
  • Power supply 5 USB-ports 5 VDC (1)
  • Calibration Envelope C5 Rev D (1)
  • Quick Guide AT (1)
  • Rugged Tablet (1)


AT-200 Presentation
AT-200 Presentation