Calibration and Repair

Calibrating is not only verifying the laser’s misalignment and correcting this misalignment. It’s a complete process with numerous steps, all of them being equally important. It is important to know that we are the only company authorized in Canada which can deliver a certificate in calibration on all Fixturlaser products contrary to other companies which deliver a certificate of conformity. A certificate of calibration authenticates that your system has been calibrated against Fixturlaser test instrument which is traceable to national physical laboratory standards.

(SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden)

Cleaning the equipment

Every piece of equipment received is thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Most of the equipment received is covered in grease and other contaminants that can reduce the performance, accuracy and use of the equipment. We clean all the components, as well as the briefcase that holds all your components. It’s then more pleasant to work with your alignment equipment, and will help you achieve accurate readings.

Inspection of your equipment

When your equipment is cleaned, we inspect all components to make sure that every one of them is functioning properly, and that no parts are missing from your alignment kits. If parts are damaged of missing, we will inform you about repairing or replacing those parts.

Precision cleaning of the laser detectors

A dirty laser detector will lead to reading that won’t repeat and imprecise readings. The laser detectors require special attention. We clean the detectors with a special cleaning fluid for laser detectors. We therefore eliminate all particles and contaminants from the detector’s surface. We make every effort possible to get the detector as clean as humanly possible.

Equipment software version update

The latest version update for your laser alignment equipment will ensure you have the best experience possible with your equipment. The manufacturers regularly release newer revision of the software used in your alignment’s display unit. Those updates often correct specific problems or add improvements to the various alignment programs in your display unit. When we inspect your display unit, we make sure you have the latest software revision for the equipment your own.

Calibration of the touch screen

An incorrectly calibrated touch screen (a display that you control by pressing with your fingers) is hard and not pleasant to use, because you have to press outside of the displayed icon for them to work, or, in the worst case scenario, the touch screen monitor won’t work at all. The display units equipped with a touch screen can be calibrated. We check the exactitude of the pressure points on the touch screen of the display units, and calibrate them if needed.

Testing and analysis of the components

We test and measure the accuracy of the following components:

Testing the power supply

A defective power supply can prevent the display unit to operate, fail to recharge the battery or considerably reduce the battery’s life span or worse, damaging your equipment for several thousands of dollars. We measure the output voltage produced by your power supply to make sure it’s inside the recommended range. A good voltage will insure that your unit will last longer and work properly, and recharge your battery.

Testing the power supply

Data cables

Damaged cables can distort reading or even not transmit data to the display unit, making it impossible to align your equipment. We start by visually inspecting your cables to make sure there are no visible flaws, and we then test the cables with a special tester. We test every single wire in the cable. If a cable fails the test or is physically damaged, it has to be replaced.

Data cables

Laser intensity

Laser intensity must be controlled. Too high or too low laser intensity will affect the reading in certain distances, or fall out of your equipment specifications for laser class. We measure and adjust the laser intensity of your laser alignment equipment with a special laser intensity measuring tool.

Laser intensity

Printer verification

A printer not functioning when we need it to print can be a frustrating experience. That’s why every printer is tested. We make sure the printer can communicate properly with the display unit, and that it prints correctly.

Calibration of the laser detectors

Calibration must be done every year. An incorrectly calibrated detector will lead to imprecise alignments. What’s the use to align at 3 mils, if the detector is not calibrated and off by 5 mils? Will the alignment be at 3 mils, or 8 mils, and fall out of your alignment tolerance? Calibration makes the reading precise, just like your alignments should be. The principle of calibration is simple, but to obtain precision, you need specialized calibration equipment. STCD is the only Canadian company that owns calibration equipment certified to calibrate your Fixturlaser’s equipment. No other Canadian company, whatever they claim, is authorized by Fixturlaser to calibrate your laser equipment. Only STCD is authorized in Canada to issue a calibration certificate for your Fixturlaser laser alignment equipment. Using regularly your equipment, but also shocks and impacts that your equipment undergo, de-calibrate your equipment. Therefore, even if you don’t often use your equipment, it should still be calibrated yearly, because it could have received an impact that could have de-calibrated the equipment, diminishing the precision of the equipment, and consequently, the precision of your alignments.

Calibration of the laser detectors

Calibration certificate

Did you know your should always ask to see the calibration certificate from anyone doing an alignment on your premises? A calibration certificate is the only guarantee you have that the equipment used to align is precise. If the laser alignment equipment used by your subcontractor is not calibrated, the alignments done have a great chance of being imprecise, and the results be false. The alignments you’re paying for are possibly imprecise, and out of your tolerances. Always, always insist that the alignment technician produces his calibration certificate. In Canada, only Services Techniques Claude Drouin is authorized to issue a calibration certificate for Fixturlaser products. Any other company issuing a calibration certificate is not authorized by Fixturlaser to do so.