Shaft Alignment

In a preventive maintenance program, shaft alignment is without a doubt, extremely important. A precise shaft alignment is even more important.

Did you know that not aligning your rotating machines can be very expensive?

Nowadays, machines are hyper optimized, shaft alignment should become a daily task in your preventive maintenance. Machines must work 24/7 with minimal unscheduled shutdown. A sudden breakdown can easily result in considerable losses.

Nearly 50% of all machine breakdowns are caused by shaft misalignment.The most precise alignments are obtained using laser shaft alignment systems.

Laser systems allow you to verify the alignment at every coupling, correct eventual soft foot, reduce pipe stress on the equipment and verify correct installation of couplings while taking into consideration thermal growth.

When all the above are verified and corrected thanks to shaft alignment, results will be:

  • A reduction in power consumption
  • Prolonged life of machine components (couplings and ball bearings)
  • Optimized performance of your machines
  • Improved productivity

You will have greater performance, increased operating time, production quality, longer life span of your machinery, as well as being more ecologically conscious.