Fixturlaser Offset


Machines with offset drives are often thought of as insensitive to angular errors between driving and driven shaft. Vibration analyses and experiences from paper industry professionals have proved that this is not the case. Conventional alignment methods cannot provide the needed level of accuracy. Using the Fixturlaser NXA together with the Fixturlaser OffsetNXA expansion kit, you can precision align any offset mounted machine as fast as you align any other shafts. The Fixturlaser Offset NXA Expansion kit consists of both software and fixtures.

The Fixturlaser OffsetNXA fixture is equipped with a laser pointer, which means that the alignment system is not needed in order to mount the fixtures. The fixtures only have to be adjusted until both the lasers are hitting the centre of the opposing target.

Thanks to this feature, the mounting can be performed fast, [sic Fixturlaser]


Offset & Angularity
Offset & Angularity