Fixturlaser SMC Balancer

Balance & Diagnose your machine!

Designed for use by the mechanics

Fixturlaser Balancer is a powerful balancing tool, smart and easy to use. Fixturlaser Balancer guides the user throughout the process and automates all calculations. The user is led through the user-friendly visual interface to define the machine, configure the speed counter, and select test weights. Following the measurement procedure, the balancing instrument presents the correct correction weights.

Fixturlaser Balancer are available in balances for up to 4 planes balancing.


  • Easy to incorporate into your maintenance practices
  • Easy verification of the rotation speed with embedded strobe light
  • Step by step procédure
  • Automatic trial-weight recommendation
  • Automatic balancing grade assessment
  • Automatic ISO standard comparison
  • Automatic report generation
  • Customizable layout (Word format)
  • All results before/after balancing
  • Including pictures taken with the built-in camera


Accurex: Automatic Diagnostic Tool
Accurex: Automatic Diagnostic Tool