Condition monitoring

Combine MVX with the  XPR software and create a powerful condition monitoring network, well suited to all types and all sizes of machines. MVX’s built-in intelligence calculates indicators and sends them to the software platform, so that this single system can deliver both surveillance and diagnostic functions.

OneProd MVX Monitoring System picture

Real-time surveillance

MVX can now detect and catch transient phenomena, even those shorter than a millisecond, throughout 100% of the signal. The time wave signals are recorded with a pretrigger on all relevant channels, to analyze the event later. This real-time processing brings effective results, you can for example:

•catch and record a transient event on a turbine to analyze it

•drive a steel mill based on its instantaneous vibration behavior

Stand-alone surveillance

MVX easily performs standalone monitoring of one or several machines, when the system is set up with the CSM configuration tool.

Indicators calculated locally by MVX can be displayed in a concise way via the VIO viewer software or transferred to the controller system.


MVX communicates and transfers results to the XPR software through a secured Ethernet network. The operator can use the local wired network, a Wi-Fi network or a connection through Internet such as GSM.

At the same time, MVX provides all its scalar results locally via MODBUS (either through RS485 or through Ethernet).[sic OneProd]


Introducing Monitoring
Introducing Monitoring