Laser Alignment, Vibration Analysis, Ultrasound and Motor Current Signal Analysis Specialist 

We are specialized in problem solving using and selling technologies such as laser alignment, vibration and condition monitoring, as well as the complementary services, training, and a certified calibration laboratory based in Laval,Quebec for all equipments.

Being part of the big Family of Fixturlaser Brand of Acoem, we distribute their products across Canada. We are dedicated in our work to provide customers with solution for aligning machines and machine components. Our products are recognized worldwide for offering laser alignment tools minimizing the time of operation. Fixturlaser’s focus has always been to provide precision alignment tools with an intuitive user interface reducing the time accomplishing precision alignment. The company is proud to say that she will never add functionality that complicates the operation of the system. The goal of creating user-friendly products is, when possible, always based on established measurement and alignment methods. Having a good understanding for our customers manufacturing processes; and we know that productivity and financial success depend upon the continuity and safety of plant machinery operation.

Planned as well as unplanned stops must be minimized and every stop must be as short as possible. To fulfill these requirements, it is outmost importance that maintenance staff is equipped with appropriate tools making it possible.

STCD, we deliver what we promise!


Q-Alignment tips
A lot of people still believe that they cannot use their laser alignment system when they are confronted to a non-rotating application, well they are mistaken. For more than 10 years now you can have brackets designed especially for non-rotating application. It is simply a...
Q-Alignment tips
Do you know the principles of refraction? By definition, refraction is a phenomenon of deviation off a wave of light, when its speed changes between two centers, for example between air and water.
    The Fixturlaser NXA Pro has been selected as the laser shaft alignment tool to be...
Fixturlaser NXA Pro selected as the Alignment Tool for World Skills Abu Dhabi 2017 The...