Laser Alignment, Vibration Analysis, Ultrasound and Motion Amplification Specialist

Founded in 1980, STCD is recognized as a trustworthy reliability partner who services and supports numerous campanies all across Canada with their preventive and predictive maintenance helping them reduce their maintenance cost and unplanned shutdown.

40 years ago, we began distributing laser alignment equipment making us one of the pioneers in the industrial maintenance field in Canada, revolutionizing the art of Shaft Alignment. Since then, our offering has evolved from Shaft Alignment to Vibration Analysis and most recently Condition Monitoring Motion amplification and Ultrasound Technology. Our reach has grown allowing us to better meet our ever-growing customers need and requirements.

Our mission at STCD, is to share our knowledge and expertise by offering our customers the best tools and services for shaft alignment, vibration analysis, balancing, condition monitoring and ultrasound. Our vocation is to work with each client as a partner with the common goal of optimizing the profitability of their organization in order to insure its viability along the one of the  surrounding communities.  

Every product offered at STCD is thoroughly tested by a team of highly qualified engineers in order to assure that the quality meets the guarantees we give our customers. We make sure that we choose the best partners internationally in order to maintain the strong relationship we have built with our customers over the past 40 years.

As a 360 reliability partner, we also offer all related services such as training, certification, vibration analysis, repairs and calibration.

STCD, we deliver what we promise!


Q-Alignment tips
Source Stan Riddle, Acoem US Engineering and technical people often use technical phrases that sound complicated. Thermal growth is one of those terms. It sounds like it could be an engineering marvel – one that would help us perform complicated alignments of high temperature,...
Q-Alignment tips
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